Commitment Ceremony Package & Cost

A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples, of any gender who want to make a public declaration of their life-long commitment and love for each other. 

The important thing to note about a Commitment Ceremony is that it does NOT have any legal implications. (It does NOT provide you with any legal rights or responsibilities). You do need to be ‘free’ to commit to each other, and you can still say your vows, ask guests to do readings, play music, express your love for each other, exchange commitment rings and kiss in front of your nearest and dearest.


My Commitment Ceremony cost and package includes but not limited to:

  An Initial Consultation with me (normally at a cafe local to you, on Skype or a home visit)

  A Ceremony Questionnaire for you to fill out

  A professional, unique and personalised ceremony script created for your commitment ceremony based on your story and your vision for your day

  Many hours writing/re-writing the script for your unique ceremony

  Unlimited calls and emails throughout the process to answer questions and give advice

  You can include a symbolic ceremony such as 'lighting a unity candle' 

  You Commitment Ceremony can be at any venue - no licence required

  Your Celebrant will be certified by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

  Your Celebrant will be at the venue and at least 30 minutes before we are due to start the ceremony, to make sure everything is in place for you

  A Commitment Certificate to commemorate your special day

  A printed souvenir of your ceremony script for you to keep and treasure



PRICE OUT OF THE UK: This will be dependent on location and travel time.

* Travel of 50 miles or more from my office just may incur a small cost for the fuel.   

"I am a Traditional Celebrant, and I would be delighted to work along with you as we co-create something amazing. My promise to you is to be open minded and supportive, and to help create a bespoke ceremony that suits your personalities, styles your heritage and beliefs.

I am committed to providing you with an amazing service, regardless of your age, gender, gender identity, race, religious background or sexual orientation.

I have never written the same ceremony twice! I will guide you through the process so that every word, every moment, every smile and your commitment to each other, will come directly from your love for each other and your hearts.

I love my job as a celebrant and am passionate about creating beautiful ceremonies that enable you to have the ceremony you want and for your guests to walk away and talk about your ceremony for years to come."

Contact me now to see if we can work together.


A commitment ceremony has no legal status but is a beautiful way of celebrating your love and commitment to each other.