Choosing your Baby Naming Celebrant

The arrival of a new baby or child into your lives is one of the most exciting events in your family's life, and like you many of us want to celebrate the occasion in a special, memorable way. Up until recently, the only way to celebrate this celebration was in your local place of worship, and there wasn't much alternative.  

Recently this celebration has become more popular in the UK and you can have a baby naming ceremony anywhere - at a venue that has special meaning to you, at your home, even in the middle of a field or on a beach, the choice is yours. A baby blessing, or naming ceremony is the perfect way to introduce your loved ones and friends to the newest member of your family.

Whether this newborn is brought together through birth or adoption, Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies offer a beautiful opportunity to welcome and child into your world. This is an awesome ceremony designed to signify your union as a family together.


During your first meeting with your chosen Celebrant, they will talk to you about your baby naming ceremony, and will find out if you have any visions or ideas for this special ceremony. Do not worry if you have no ideas just yet, your Celebrant will go through with you some sample services, including some ideas for readings, poems, and even symbolic ceremonies such as a balloon release, planting a tree ceremony or a time capsule ceremony - there are many more ideas out there for you.

You will then be left with a short questionnaire, which will gather information about you and your family, for example 'What does this name mean to you' and 'What are your hopes and aspirations for their future'. Your Celebrant will then create a personalised and unique ceremony script that will include all the above elements from your chats and the information from the questionnaire.

You can also have included any religious or non-religious elements that you would like, and we can also have you as the parents and the grandparents declaring your promises and commitments to your new addition, as well as including any friends and other family members in declaring their future support and guidance as the new addition grows in life.

There are so many beautiful readings and poems to choose from that could be read during the ceremony. You may want a passage from your favorite Winnie the Poo story or some choice words from your favorite nursery rhyme! This is the part where you can personalise your ceremony as you have absolutely no restrictions with a celebrant.

You can choose someone special to read or perhaps you as the parents would like to write your own words? You might like a guideparent, or godparent to do the reading, or a grandparent - the choice is entirely yours.

To see a selection of poems and readings which can be used within your naming ceremony, please click here

On the day of the celebration, your Celebrant will be there in good time to make sure everything is in place before the ceremony commences, so that when you turn up everything will go smoothly. At the end of the ceremony, as the parents you will take away some beautiful treasured memories, and will get to sign a baby naming ceremony certificate to keep too.

 Image of a baby as an example of a baby naming ceremony performed by a celebrant

"I am a Traditional Celebrant, and I would be delighted to work along with you as we co-create something amazing. My promise to you is to be open minded and supportive, and to help create a bespoke ceremony that suits your personalities, styles your heritage and beliefs.

I am committed to providing you with an amazing service, regardless of your age, gender, gender identity, race, religious background or sexual orientation.

I have never written the same ceremony twice! I will guide you through the process so that every word, every moment, every smile will come directly from your love for each other as a family and your new baby.

I love my job as a celebrant and am passionate about creating beautiful ceremonies that enable you to have the ceremony you want and for your guests to walk away and talk about your ceremony for years to come."

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