Commitment Ceremony

What is a commitment ceremony and how does it differ to a wedding?


How you choose to express your commitment to your partner is a hugely personal choice and for some couples, a legal wedding might not be right for them, or what they want to do. As a couple, you may not want to enter a legal civil partnership and a commitment ceremony could be for you if you'd like to express your devotion to your partner - without the paperwork.

A commitment ceremony has no legal status but is a beautiful way of celebrating your love and commitment to each other.

What is a commitment ceremony?

A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples, of any gender who want to make a public declaration of their life-long commitment and love for each other. 

The important thing to note about a Commitment Ceremony is that it does NOT have any legal implications. (It does NOT provide you with any legal rights or responsibilities). You do need to be ‘free’ to commit to each other, and you can still say your vows, ask guests to do readings, play music, express your love for each other, exchange commitment rings and kiss in front of your nearest and dearest.

Where can it take place?

A commitment ceremony can take place in any location. You can go wild here and host your ceremony on a beach, on top of your favorite hill, on a boat, in a castle, at the restaurant you first met at, in your mum's garden or just in your front room via Zoom or Skype.


What is a commitment ring?

A commitment ring replaces the wedding ring, representing your vows and still serves as a memory of both the day and your love for each other - You don't need one if you do not fancy having one or if your budgets are tight!  -  You could instead opt for a handfasting ceremony instead, where a couple's hands are bound together and blessed by your celebrant.


Where do we go from here?

If you are looking for a commitment ceremony then I would love to hear from you. I can meet with you both as a couple, either face to face or on Skype, and based on our discussions I will work with you and create for you a ceremony that will celebrate you commitment together. If you wish to have included your love story, then I will incorporate this into the ceremony, along with your personality, style and beliefs as a couple as part of this awesome, personalised ceremony. 

The price you pay for this service would typically include such things as the initial consultation (normally at a cafe local to you, or on Skype or a home visit) unlimited calls and emails and I will also let you see the ceremony script before the commitment day for your approval, and also many hours writing/re-writing the script for your unique ceremony. I will also be at the venue and at least 30 minutes before we are due to start the ceremony to make sure everything is in place for you, and all my travelling.

Further help and advice?

If you want to know anything else about working with a celebrant for a commitment ceremony or any other occasion to celebrate, then please feel free to give me a call on 07557 803814 or drop me an email at and I am always happy to offer advice.