So you have both decided that you are going to show the world your love for each other by having a wedding ceremony, or by renewing your precious vows to each other with all the friends and family that you would like there, for them to bear witness to this awesome occasion.

You may have now decided that you want to break away from the traditional, scripted, conveyor-belt type wedding ceremony that most couples have, and have something a little different, something that shows your personalities as a couple. You would love to have this day your way, and to say to your loved one vows from the heart instead of the traditional scripted vows.

You have started looking for a celebrant to make this happen and you have no idea what is involved in meeting with a celebrant!

Well, the first stage for you is the initial meeting. What does this look like? Each celebrant is different in how they have their first meeting with couples, and this will be the time to work out if you can work with this celebrant, and for the celebrant to work out if he can work with you guys. This is an important day and you need the right people in place to make sure it is the best day you can have!

Couple at a coffee shop having a chat - Tim Downer Celebrant

For me, I love my coffee!!! Maybe I do drink too much coffee, but I love it. So chances are that if you live within a couple of hours of me, that I will meet with you both in a coffee shop local to you . . . and coffee is on me (other hot drinks are available!!) If you are a distance away from me, then I am just as happy to video chat with you both on Skype or Zoom . . . . but you will have to provide your own coffee!!

It is here that I will meet you both for a chat. As a couple looking to celebrate your love with each other, this may well be the first time you have been married and must have 100’s of questions about marriage and about what a celebrant can do to help make this wedding as unique as you both.

I am actually very friendly, so no need to be nervous. I love to have an informal chat with you both but want to also point out that there is no pressure on my part to make you sign for anything today. This is just a chat between us to see what ideas you have, and for me to show you how we can make this come true for you.

I think I am a good celebrant because I like to LISTEN to what you are saying and what you want, and we will work together to make this special day happen. Remember, its your day, your way.

Family together after a baby naming ceremony


NO OBLIGATION! – At this stage of the discussion, it is just an informal chat between us with nothing to sign for today (unless you want to on your terms, it is your day after all)

NO PRESSURE! – Afterwards, I would ask you both to go home after our chat in the coffee shop, and have a proper discussion together without me there. This is, after all, a big decision to make.

This initial meeting is there for us all to ask questions and afterwards, if you are delighted to use me as your celebrant to create something awesome for you, then there will be as many meetings, telephone calls, emails as needed. Each couple are different and I want you both to be very comfortable with the whole process. I just want you both to enjoy the whole ceremony stress free with all your invited family and friends.

So, this is what the first initial meeting between us looks like, and of course I am just as happy to meet at your home, at your venue - if chosen already and suitable to meet at - or anywhere else that is convenient with you.

My wife and I having a photograph with a couple after using me, Tim Downer Celebrant for their wedding ceremony


Further help and advice?

Personally, I’m excited about creating ceremonies that are unique and individual. I love to meet with couples like you to find out your love story and the things that make you unique as a couple, and helping all my couples like you to celebrate in a way that feels right for you all.

If this sounds like something you would like to have for your ceremony, or you wish to know more, then please give me a call on 07557 803814 or fill out the contact me form and I will get back to you.


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