I was approached the other day by a lovely couple, who asked the question: "We are looking for a ceremony similar to that of a traditional wedding ceremony given by a registrar, as we do not want the guests to know that we were married the day before - it has to look and feel the same. Can you do this?"

Quite often a couple will contact a celebrant with the above question, because a registrar is unavailable on the day or time of their chosen wedding date. Because celebrants are known for creating a unique and fun ceremony, couples are often hesitant to ask this question.

So, can a celebrant create a wedding ceremony similar to that of a registrar? The simple answer is "yes" - however it will still be a unique ceremony to you, because it will still be written from scratch by your celebrant and still be personal to you as a couple.

If you are looking for a traditional wedding ceremony that is of the same format as a registrar wedding ceremony including the vows, a celebrant can do this for you. It is still your wedding day and you can have it however you want.


This is what one of my couples wrote after their wedding:

"Definitely 100% recommend Tim if you're looking for a celebrant. We contacted him after the priest who was meant to marry us cancelled less than 2 weeks before our wedding. Tim has gone above and beyond to accommodate us in such a short notice. He has conducted our ceremony very well and adapted it to exactly how we wanted our ceremony to be"

"He has conducted our ceremony very well and adapted it to exactly how we wanted our ceremony to be" - John & Regine | Venue: Pimhill Barn

Whatever kind of ceremony you want for your wedding day, whether it is simple or a more elaborate ceremony, for lot's of guests or a personal ceremony just for you two, this is one of life's amazing ceremonies and it should be conducted by someone that you know and trust.

When you choose me to be your celebrant for your wedding day, I promise to be open minded and supportive, and work with you to create a bespoke ceremony that suits your personalities, styles and beliefs - whether for a unique personalised wedding ceremony or one based more on a traditional type of ceremony as conducted by a registrar.

I am much more accommodating and flexible than a Registrar and here are some of the reasons why:

I do not have 'timeslots' - your ceremony can be at any time that works for you, from an early morning ceremony right through to an evening ceremony under the stars - it is your day, plus your ceremony is guaranteed to be the only ceremony I will perform that day, I will be all yours.

Your ceremony doesn't have to take place in a licenced and approved venue - it can be anywhere you want - in the woods, on the beach, in your back garden . . . ANYWHERE

You will have my direct mobile number and email address and I will be responsive to your calls and messages - which are all unlimited.

I will always want to help you have an amazing day, filled with happy memories for you and your guests



If you would like to check my availability or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

To contact me please email: or call / text message: 07557803814

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