I remember our wedding day back in November 2014 – It was an amazing day and we enjoyed every moment that we could, but there are still parts of this awesome day that I can’t remember!

I can’t quite remember things like what I had for my meal, or posing for all the photo’s that I can see in the album (although I remember my cheeks aching somewhat with all the smiling for the photo’s) . . . It was a little bit of a whirlwind after months and months of planning!

If you are thinking the same and are planning to celebrate your marriage by having a renewal of your vows ceremony, then please enjoy reading through my blog on “6 awesome reasons why you should renew your wedding vows”



When you renew your vows, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want and for any reason you want!

When you were getting married, chances are that you married at a hotel, registry office, manor house or similar? Your marriage together for all these years is special, it is something to be celebrated. Would you agree?

So if you had the chance to celebrate your life together in a ceremony, what would you like to do, and where would you celebrate this marriage?


Just as some ideas, maybe for your vow renewals you would like to . . . 

  • . . . Go up in a hot air balloon ride to renew your vows in a ceremony way up in the summer sky if this is your dream?
  • . . . Have a ceremony for your vow renewal in the back garden of a family member or friend , if they have a large enough area?
  • . . . Go back to the venue where you were first married and have your vow renewal ceremony here?
  • . . . Go back to the restaurant where you both shared your first date at?



The pressure is off because when you were planning your wedding day, you would have spent months planning for your special day, and of course, you wanted and expected everything to go to plan . . . . and when it didn’t!!!! Well, whether anything would go wrong or not, you couldn’t relax.

When renewing your vows, it’s more relaxing because the pressure for a full wedding ceremony is not there, all you are doing is saying some meaningful words, some promises to each other on your commitment and this time you have the opportunity to really open your heart up on how you really feel about this wonderful, amazing person you have spent many years with.


You are here saying all the above to each other, in front of loved family members and close friends during a ceremony where your chosen celebrant will talk about your love story from when you met, your life story from the wedding day till now . . . and much more. How relaxing will this really be?? It will be awesome for you and your guests.



At your wedding ceremony you made vows to each other, and chances where these were the vows that most couples have to say to be legally married in this country. And when was the last time you looked at or read these vows again? Never?


When your renewing your vows you get to rewrite your vows, yes, you can make you own new vows to each other. You can be real and say things such as “thank you for being here through my (insert situation here)” and “thank you for being there with me on this journey for the past 10 years . . ” These vows of promises and commitment to each other will have so much more meaning than the vows you would have stated on your wedding day (unless you had a celebrant led wedding ceremony and where able to say your own personal vows in the first place!)

Another plus for renewing your vows is that your children, family and friends are getting to hear your promises and commitment to one another, and seeing the look on your children’s faces, no matter how old they are is priceless.



The further away you get from your wedding day, the more you forget the details of the day/the vows/the feelings you had on that day. When your renewing your vows, you are affirming your love and commitment to each other in front of those closest to you.

Should you wait for your 10th or 25th Wedding Anniversary to renew your vows? Not really. Do it when YOU think the time is right – If you don’t want to wait for a milestone year, then don’t. There is no right or wrong, so if you want to renew your wedding vows on Anniversary number three, then go for it!

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that there were parts of my very own wedding day that i couldn’t remember the details of so much, because the days and years between our wedding day and now is getting greater all the time! Having a renewal celebration will be a recent celebration of love . . . and chances are you will remember more of the details of this special day more clearer than the wedding day.



When you first get married, you are both still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. This wonderful person opposite you is your favourite person in the world and you just can’t wait to spend every spare second together, holding hands wherever you go and saying “I Love you” at least 10 times a day!!


But as the months and years fly by, it can be so easy to get so used to each other that you may have let some of the above things in life slip! Now i just want to add that this isn’t because you don’t love each other – It could be that you have just grown so accustomed to each other, that you have stopped reminding the other person ‘why you chose to love them’

When you are renewing your vows, you can take this opportunity to remind each other why you fell in love with them and why you still do, through your new vows to each other (No pressure then!!)



Your children are the most important people in your life and you want them to share this special moment with you – you may have been married before you had children, or when your kids were still really young!


Now that your kids are old enough to comprehend the love that you have for each other, you can take this opportunity to show them what this looks like and you can include them in your renewal of vows ceremony . . . Here you can make commitment vows to your children as their parents, or have them read through some readings that are special to the family. 

“So, why not choose to have a renewal of vows ceremony that reflects the two of you as a couple!”

Some married couples choose to keep their renewal ceremony small and intimate, with just a handful of close family and friends. Other couples will make it a big blowout . . . This is where your personalise as a couple can shine.

I think personally that the best vow renewals put the emphasis on the vows that show how marriage has changed them for the better, and how it has helped deepen their love and commitment to each other. And this can be done in front of 3 or 300 people – It’s your choice, your day. 


Your marriage together is something to be celebrated! Every year matters, every day matters. Don’t wait! Take time to celebrate and renew your vows to each other . . . today. Your marriage is worth it!

If this sounds like something you would like to have for your ceremony, or you wish to know more, then please give me a call on 07557 803814 or fill out the contact form below and i will get back to you.


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