A baby blessing, or naming ceremony is the perfect way to introduce your loved ones and friends to the newest member of your family.

Whether this newborn is brought together through birth or adoption, Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies offer a beautiful opportunity to welcome and child into your world. This is an awesome ceremony designed to signify your union as a family together.


That being said, a lot of naming ceremonies are also asked for when your baby is a year old, when they have developed a little of their personality.


This ceremony is an amazing life event that allows you as a parent or parents the opportunity to declare your life long commitment to your new edition. You could also ask close relatives and chosen friends to confirm their role in the newborns upbringing, and commit to the promise to guide and nurture the newborn in their new journey through life at this amazing celebration as a god-parent, or guide-parent. Here they would also be given the opportunity to write down and say some words of their own to your child.

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony also offers you the opportunity to officially celebrate the naming of your child, and give significance to the name you have chosen for them to carry in this world.

There will also be the opportunity to include any symbolic elements to this occasion such as water, candles, memory boxes and gemstones – or any other symbolic element which is meaningful to you. How about a time capsule for your child to open on their 18th birthday? The world is your oyster and there are no rules to how the ceremony takes place.

I would be honoured to assist you and your family looking to welcome their new child into this world through the celebration of a ‘Baby Blessing’ or ‘Naming Ceremony’.



I will meet with you and your family members a few weeks before the event, to discuss your plans for the ceremony and then i can begin to write the ceremony script. As this may be new to you, i will guide you throughout the ceremony writing process and you will have the option to introduce any special poems, readings and music of your choice.

I have already mentioned that you will have the opportunity to include friends and family to this amazing occasion, and any chosen ‘God-parents’ or ‘Guide-parents’ you can ask them to make their vow of commitment to their new role in your childs upbringing.

I will be in constant contact with you through the writing of the script and you can make as many revisions to the ceremony script as necessary. Together, we will create a service that you and your family will be delighted with!

After the ceremony, you will be presented with a keepsake copy of your ceremony script and a ceremony certificate to treasure forever.

Price for the above is £250 (payment either through BACs or through PayPal and travel of 50 miles or more from my office just may incur some cost for the fuel)


If this sounds like something you would like to have for your baby naming ceremony, or you wish to know more, then please give me a call on 07557 803814 or fill out the contact form below and i will get back to you.


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